Railway market

IT’S 11.30am on a Saturday and trade at Maeklong Railway Market is in full swing. Shoppers jostle for space and duck under awnings as they make their way between stalls loaded with ripe mangoes, fiery chillies, salted mackerel. They must carefully watch their steps, because on the ground are large

Bang Kung temple

A sight which is also in the list of the “official” unseen Thailand sight is the temple Wat Bang Kung (วัดบางกุ้ง) in Amphawa district, Samut Songkhram. The main attraction of the temple is the chapel overgrown by a Banyan tree. Except at the behind, the roots almost completely cover the

Floating Market

Floating markets were the theme: colourful photos showed widely-smiling ladies under broad-brimmed hats, paddling boats in packed canals, and selling exotic foods and fruit. A lovely image of course, but even the most nostalgic travellers know that the residents of Bangkok rather visit the nearest supermarket than the local canal